Explosive Testing Chambers

Climatec have years of experience working with customers who carry out testing on explosive components and have developed chambers offering additional safety features over and above standard ones.

These include enhanced shrapnel protection in the event of a detonation by adding extra cladding between chamber inner and outer skins in order to dissipate the force of any shrapnel that may be liberated after detonation. 'Blow-out' panels are fitted to relieve blast pressure.

For EX rated test areas, Climatec can supply chambers that are fitted with intrinsically safe components. For ultimate safety in these areas we can supply a specially designed Climatec Conditioned Air Rig (CAR) unit which uses remote heating and cooling, supplying conditioned air into a specially designed test box or even a temporary enclosure.

Climatec Walk In Chamber

Friction heating for improved safety

Another Climatec innovation is to heat the conditioned air in the chamber by using a centrifugal fan removing the need for heaters within the EX test area and thereby improving safety.

Blow-out panel relieves blast pressure

Climatec chambers are usually supplied with a ‘blow-out’ panel providing a deliberate weakness in the chamber wall. This relieves blast pressure, with the panel caught in a safety cage.

Explosive testing chambers with remote controller

One is temperature and humidity, the other is temperature and altitude. The remote control box operates either chamber for added operator safety.

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