Specialised Testing Solutions

Designed and manufactured for your specific environment testing on a wide range of products and components.

Thanks to Climatec's specialised experience in this area and our control design expertise we are able to deliver innovative solutions which can ultimately improve your company's manufacturing and operating costs.

We offer an initial FREE consultation to assess your requirements and specifications.

This is backed by advanced design solutions to deliver the specialised test equipment. All units are supplied complete with comprehensive technical manuals.

Climatec Specialised Testing Chamber

Typical innovative solutions include:

  • Humidity generating system
  • Heat / flame sensor system
  • Breath simulator
  • Graphite heating strip control
  • Low humidity filter paper drying system
  • Thermal surveying on plastic bonding and reflow machine
  • Specialised see-through vacuum test rig
  • Confectionery air drying machine

Breath Simulator
Used for assessing automotive de-mist systems

Hot & Cold Plate
For testing at extremes of heat and cold on high power electric components

Heat Detectors
Production test to
assess heat detector


Air Conditioned
Provides controlled temperature and humidity environment for medical testing

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